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 Contraband: Brooms
 Initial medical assessment
 Threat to kill Obama was desperate bid for medical care
View Online Corrections Nation C1 Products Jan. 22, 2013 – Week 280
Featured Exclusive
Could the "blind sheik" terrorist be released?
By Robert Hood, C1 Columnist
Last summer, Egypt's new President Mohamed Morsi called on the US to reconsider the imprisonment and conditions of confinement for terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman. Known as "the blind sheik," Rahman was convicted in 1996 for planning terrorist attacks on the United Nations, tunnels, and landmarks in New York City. Political considerations
Overcrowded prison keeps convicted murderer in jail
 The latest conviction for killing a Norman, Okla., resident will keep serial killer Billy Dean behind bars, but there's a new issue: there's no room at the state prison for him. (Image News 9) Where to put him?
Top Stories:
NJ corrections officer union reports $15K stolen from bank account
Prosecutor gives state failing grade when it comes to recidivism
Inmate convicted of murder posts to Facebook from cell
Victim: Brain dead inmate should not go home to family
Press Release:
Peerless Introduces New B Series Restraints
[Peerless Handcuff Company]
Contraband Command Center
Contraband: Brooms
Any inmate who wishes to clean out their cell usually has ulterior motives. This right here is why we don't let them take brooms into their cells. Clean sweep
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Video Tactical Tip
Initial medical assessment
A failure to provide proper medical care for a prisoner in an officer's "care & custody" is a major concern for an officer's legal safety. Watch the video
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Wall stabilization
51/50 of the Week
Inmate: Threat to kill Obama was desperate bid for medical care
A homeless man looking for some "Obamacare" went about it the wrong way when he threatened to assassinate President Obama, his family and their dog. Previously served time
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