Glove conceals contraband; Importance of policies; Alligator found during probation check;
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 Glove conceals contraband
 Importance of policies
 Alligator found during probation check
View Online Corrections Nation C1 Products Jan. 15, 2013 – Week 278
Featured Exclusive
Use 'chumps' to beat the dumps
By Gary Cornelius, C1 Columnist
'Chumps' are what the inmates call us who patrol the institution and maintain security and custody. Webster's dictionary defines the word chump as a 'dupe' or 'fool.' We are 'chumps' because the inmates think that officers and non sworn staff can be fooled, manipulated and dance like puppets to the inmates' tune. Here's how the derogatory term can be turned into a valuable learning tool. Control and not complacency
Feds: Second inmate who escaped Chicago jail captured
 The inmate attempted to elude authorities by disguising himself as an old man. He was arrested after people living in this apartment building reported someone living in the basement. (Image ABC 7 News) Due in court
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Iowa warden ordered officer not to turn off movies
Police agent, corrections officer killed in crash
Pa. CO fired for TASER prank
Inmate who slashed CO's face addresses bail hearing
Press Release:
Introducing the Digital Ally FirstVu HD Officer-Worn Video System
[Digital Ally, Inc.]
Contraband Command Center
Winter weather gear conceals contraband
By Joe Bouchard, C1 Columnist
In the world of contraband control, what we see is not necessarily the truth. This is the case in any concealment trick, including seemingly innocent articles of clothing.
Consider this glove
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Video Tactical Tip
The importance of policies and procedures
Gary Klugiewicz and correctional training expert Marty Drapkin talk about the importance of the development of policies and procedures. Watch the video
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Social Contracts
51/50 of the Week
Alligator found during probation check
A Castro Valley, Calif., man is in jail and an alligator authorities say he likely had to protect a stash of marijuana has been taken to a zoo.
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