Contraband: DS games used to conceal; The importance of policies and procedures; Prison inmate's self-burial gets him more years;
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 DS games used to conceal
 The importance procedures
 Prison inmate's self-burial
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The disturbing case of Joe Louie Saenz
By Bob Walsh and Caroline Aguirre
Joe Louie Saenz is an interesting character. Originally released on parole on November 29, 1996, he was supervised at the highest possible level at the time due to an extensive record of violent criminal activity and gang involvement. Saenz was recently captured in Mexico and returned to the U.S. amid much fanfare due to the fact that he was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. What remains unsaid
Police: Maine man threatened, then killed tenants
 A 74-year-old Maine man killed two teenage tenants inside their apartment after arguing with them about late rent, snow shoveling and parking, according to a police affidavit released Monday. Police left before gunfire
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Audit blasts private Ohio prison
Ohio's youngest inmates have become its most dangerous
Va. CO charged with assaulting friend
Inmate arrested in prison assault incident
Press Release:
Extensive Search for Public Safety Software Leads Lee County to Spillman Technologies
[Spillman Technologies]
Contraband Command Center
Contraband: DS games used to conceal
An offender's Nintendo DS games weren't what they seemed when they removed a sticker to find a mini SD card reader. Game appeared normal
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Video Tactical Tip
The importance of policies and procedures
Gary Klugiewicz and correctional training expert Marty Drapkin talk about the importance of the development of policies and procedures. Manager's responsibilities
51/50 of the Week
Prison inmate's self-burial gets him more years behind bars
Authorities say Edwin Cota was found buried in August at the Brooks prison in Muskegon.
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