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 Hunt for these 13 in 2013
 Correctional health care change makers
 Top 10 stories of 2012
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Dear CorrectionsOne member,

With the New Year fast approaching, our final newsletter of 2012 looks back on some of the biggest stories and issues in the corrections profession over the past 12 months.

Bob Walsh covers the biggest topics in California, while Laura Bedard explains why "this ain't your daddy's DOC," and Gary Klugiewicz offers some New Year's resolutions aimed at training.
Joe Bouchard outlines 13 items to search for in 2013, and Lorry Schoenly discusses topics that changed correctional healthcare this past year.

Also be sure to check out our top 10 videos of 2012, most popular stories and what you, our readers, found most "likeable" on Facebook.

Have a Happy New Year!

Ashley Garst , CorrectionsOne Editor
2012 Year in Review
Top 10 Videos of 2012
Featured News
How do you top dancing the Thriller? Well, these inmates proved that they weren't one-hit wonders by recreating Psy’s "Gangnam Style" with their own orange-suited style. The best videos of 2012
Featured Columns:
The year in Calif. corrections
By Bob Walsh
There were two massive shifts in California within the last year, and a third change is in the works.
This ain't your daddy's Department of Corrections
By Laura Bedard
What does 2013 have in store for the corrections profession?
3 New Year's training resolutions
By Gary Klugiewicz
Focusing on these areas will significantly increase our physical, legal, and emotional safety.
Hunt for these 13 in 2013
By Joe Bouchard
In honor of 2013, I am offering a list of 13 contraband items that corrections professionals would be proud to remove from circulation in their facility this year.
What can you find?
Correctional healthcare change makers
By Lorry Schoenly
Through a poll of more than 50 correctional nurse leaders spanning all areas of corrections, here are the 4 top picks for healthcare news stories of 2012.
Affordable Care Act
More 2012 year in review
Top 10 corrections stories of 2012
With 2012 coming to a close, we've gone through our archives for the past 12 months to bring you some of the biggest corrections stories of the year. Bath salts
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