Contraband: Razor toothbrush; 5 active countermeasure options; Dad arrested after toddler found in cage;
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 Contraband: Razor toothbrush
 5 active countermeasure options
 Dad arrested after toddler found in cage
View Online Corrections Nation C1 Products Nov. 13, 2012 – Week 269
Featured Exclusive
No not again: The gender debate in corrections
By Laura Bedard, C1 Columnist
It's hard to believe in this day and age, we are still discussing whether or not women should be working in corrections. The recent tragic death of Sgt. Mary Ricard in Crowley County, Colorado, brought a flurry of debate on the CorrectionsOne website about the suitability of women in the job. Are we "man" enough?
Ohio executes killer who repeatedly stabbed woman
 Ohio executed a condemned killer who claimed he was innocent of stabbing a woman 138 times, slitting her throat and cutting off her hands. (AP Photo/Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections) "I'm good, let's roll"
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Idaho inmates claim gangs run prison
Va. attorney general blocks innocent man's release
Former corrections officer guilty of indecent liberties
NY woman to get $2.7M for wrongful conviction
Press Release:
New Getac PS336 Rugged Handheld Uses Interchangeable End-Caps
Contraband Command Center
Contraband: Razor toothbrush
Don't brush your teeth with this toothbrush: it's been melted down and combined with razors to make a very deadly weapon. Could easily cut someone's throat
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Video Tactical Tip
5 active countermeasure options
Active countermeasures are used for the following reasons: Defend, distract, stun, impede and stop. Watch the video
51/50 of the Week
Dad arrested after toddler found in cage
A Tulsa man was arrested after police found his 18-month-old daughter locked in a metal dog cage, his naked 4-year old daughter outside on a cold afternoon and him asleep in a drug or alcohol "induced stupor." Dad of the year
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