Suspicious 'legal mail'; Video: Elbow combat tactics; Hug triggers officer's gun, kills woman;
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 Suspicious 'legal mail'
 Video: Elbow combat tactics
 Mistaken ID leads to 53 days in jail
View Online Corrections Nation C1 Products July 10, 2012 – Week 251
Featured Exclusive
3 reasons not to make deals with gang leaders
By Chris Jones, C1 Columnist
There's been stories from around the country of administrators and department heads who espouse perhaps the single worst idea when it comes to managing security thread groups (STG) populations: Let's sit down and deal with their leadership. If asking gang leaders for their help isn't enough to make you uneasy, the obvious reasons why it's a bad idea should. Reveals weakness
Brawl erupts outside Fla. courthouse
 The father of two brothers gunned down outside of a bar last year is accused of starting a courtroom brawl in Osceola County, Fla., Monday. (Image CBS)
"You want a piece of me?"
Top Stories:
Fla. teen using insanity defense in girl's beating
Maine woman charged with bringing drugs into jail
NC man gets 11 years in case where police dog died
Former deputy sent to prison
Press Release:
ATN Releases PS7 Night Vision Goggle
[American Technologies Network]
Contraband Command Center
Suspicious 'legal mail'
A C1 member submitted photos of this envelope, labeled "legal papers." The envelope felt heavier than usual, so COs had the receiver open the mail in front of them.
Attorney had not sent anything
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Video Tactical Tip
Elbow combat tactics you should know
By practicing "elbow sets," corrections officers can become proficient in delivering elbow strikes from a variety of positions and targets. Watch the video
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Armbar manipulations
51/50 of the Week
Mistaken ID leads to 53 days in jail
Woman insisted she was not the woman police wanted for throwing hot water on a man. They ignored her cries of, "you've got the wrong person!"
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