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Letting an employee go is never an easy decision to make. Before a termination occurs, the manager should be sure that he/she has valid reasons for the termination. We list three legal reasons an employer can use to justify firing an employee.

Also, read the conclusion of the series "Public versus private corrections," and find out which side came out on top.

— Erin Hicks, CorrectionsOne Editor
Featured Exclusive
Letting a corrections
employee go
Firing an employee is a difficult situation most managers want to avoid, but every manager should be prepared to do so when necessary. Have valid reasons
Featured Exclusive
Finding corrections partners
Public and governmental agencies are well-known for operating in isolated, silo environments. But that often means lost opportunity. Benefits for both sides
Featured Exclusive
Public versus private corrections: The winner
After sifting through these arguments, both pro and con, I sought out some studies that I felt may provide some neutral analysis of the public versus private corrections debate.
A word of caution
Management News
Anger management helping at Ohio jails

Chaplain 'terrified' by LA jail violence

Ill. immigrant jail threatened by contractor issue

Former Kan. inmate seeks $10M in lawsuit

Jail's hiring freeze has Ga. judge annoyed

Ill. sheriff changes plans to enter jail as inmate
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"Good. He should be charged. I remember when a local judge threw out a "gassing" case saying its part of the job and not an assault."
— LtGlover

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