Report: Inmate killed accused child molester within a minute with his bare hands

The inmate's head was struck against the floor about a dozen times while in his cell on Wednesday, according to an arrest affidavit

By Kaley Johnson
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

TARRANT COUNTY, Texas — An inmate at Tarrant County jail was charged with killing a notoriously accused child molester Wednesday by slamming his head into the floor more than a dozen times, police say.

David Faustino Flores, 42, was charged with the murder of 76-year-old Clinton Don Simpson of Keller. Simpson was accused in 2007 of molesting 12 children — 11 girls and one boy — at “Mr. Don’s Whistle Stop,” a miniature train station and track, which, at that time, was operated and owned by Simpson in his back yard.

Flores hit Simpson about 60 times while they were both in a cell on Wednesday, according to an arrest affidavit for Flores.

According to a press release, it took Flores one minute to kill Simpson, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department said.

Flores was jailed last month on a charge of assaulting an elderly man.

For years, Simpson had been in state hospitals because he had been been found incompetent to stand trial, but had been returned to the Tarrant County Jail in July.

Simpson and Flores were being housed in the medical unit of the jail on suicidal prevention watch, which requires 10 minute checks on inmates. At 2:15 a.m., Officer T. Myles checked on Simpson and Flores and both appeared to be asleep, according to the arrest affidavit.

At 2:22 a.m., the affidavit says Simpson was at the door of his cell in his wheelchair and appeared to be yelling at staff. An officer and two nurses walked to the door and witnessed the assault and eventual death of Simpson inside the Tarrant County Jail, 100 N. Lamar St.

The following is an account of the alleged assault according to the arrest affidavit:

Flores hit Simpson on the left side of his head about 20 times and walked back to his bunk. When Simpson showed slight movement, Flores walked back over and hit him anther six times with a closed fist, and then 28 more times with a double fist as Simpson began to fall out of his wheelchair.

As Simpson fell out of the chair, Flores hit Simpson five more times and grabbed his head to slam it into the floor 14 times, the affidavit says.

At 2:33 a.m., Sgt. Morris went into the cell during the alleged assault to try and stop Flores, the affidavit says, and grabbed him as Flores continued to kick Simpson in the head.

Morris pulled Flores from the cell. Medical staff took Simpson to John Peter Smith Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Texas Rangers were investigating Simpson’s death.

Chief of Staff David McClelland was quoted in the press release from Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department:

“We are and will continue to provide the Texas Rangers with any assistance they need throughout their investigation. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal administrative investigation alongside the Rangers’ criminal investigation.”

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