2nd Texas jail screens inmates for Ebola

Those with a temperature of 101.5 degrees or higher won't be taken into the jail

By C1 Staff

LUFKIN, Texas — Angelina County Jail will be taking measures to keep themselves and their inmates safe from the threat of Ebola.

KTRE reports that starting Friday, all arrests will be screened for Ebola even before being booked into the jail. An arrestee’s temperature will be taken, and any reading over 101.5 degrees will not enter the jail population.

KTRE.com | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

If someone has a fever, they will be taken to a nearby hospital until Ebola is ruled out. The jail has isolation units, which will be used if any current inmates are found to have the virus.

“A lot of people in the United States are so unsure, I think there’s a lot of mixed signals about this virus so when you have that a lot of people get scared and rightfully so,” said Sheriff Greg Sanches.

The jail has its own medical facility which will also stay on top of the issue.

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