Tier Talk Podcast: How correctional officers can prevent inmate suicide

In this week’s episode, host Anthony Gangi speaks with guest Tim Manley on the topic of inmate suicide and how officers can prevent such events from happening on their watch

By Tier Talk

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Host Anthony Gangi and guest Tim Manley, a clinical-forensic social worker and a retiree from Fairfax County, Virginia, with 20 years specialization in Emergency Mental Health, discuss the topic of inmate suicide inside correctional facilities. Gangi and Manley discuss ways to prevent suicide on your watch, including reaching out to inmates and having a positive mentality.

“Obviously we can’t predict all events, but it really depends on the mentality you go in with,” Manley said. “We want to send the message, ‘we’re gonna go out there, we’re gonna cover as much ground as we can, we’re going to be as alert as possible, we’re going to make sure our training is up, and we’re going to make sure we remember what’s important.’”

By recognizing signs of inmate suicide, correctional officers can do their best to save a life.

They also discuss the importance of communication between coworkers, and touch on handling alcohol and drug withdrawal inside jails. 

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