Md. CO collects supplies for Ebola-stricken Liberia

20 family members have died from the virus in her home country

By C1 Staff

CANTONSVILLE, Md. — A corrections officer at the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center is leading the charge on collecting donations for the country where many of her family members have died.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Masa Salifu asked for help from the warden at central booking, Carolyn J. Scruggs, who got in touch with Wendell France, the central region executive director for the state Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Soon the back offices of the central booking office were filled with donated Clorox wipes, water, soap, sanitizer, towels and other supplies.

By the end of the month, all of it will be shipped out through the Liberian Association of Maryland, some of it to Salifu’s home village of Bolahun.

Thus far, 20 members of Salifu’s family have died due to the virus.

Liberia is one of the hardest-hit countries, and just 56 percent of hospitals have protective eyewear for medical staff, while 63 percent have gloves, according to a recent study published by the Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Various Baltimore-based aid groups are trying to fill the gaps, including Salifu and her coworkers.

“Our hearts go out to Masa for her losses,” said France. “People wanted to help. And this stuff will help somebody.”

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