Former La. COs sentenced over beating of inmate

One of the officers, Mark Sharp, received 73 months after pleading guilty

By C1 Staff

ANGOLA, La. — Three former corrections officers were sentenced this week over a 2010 attack in which a restrained inmate was beaten with a metal baton.

Reuters reports that one of the officers, Mark Sharp, received 73 months after pleading guilty, while the other two officers were sentenced to probation and minor fines.

The last officer involved is to be sentenced later this month.

The two officers who received lesser sentences allegedly only witnessed the attack but did nothing to stop it.

The incident happened in January of 2010, when inmate Roy H. McLaughlin Jr. turned himself in after successfully escaping the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He wrote in a complaint that Sharp “deliberately, maliciously [and] sadistically” beat him with a metal rod after he was apprehended and restrained with handcuffs following the escape.

Sharp pleaded guilty in June to civil rights violations in connection with the incident and admitted that he repeatedly hit McLaughlin with a baton.

The other officers sentenced pleaded guilty to charges that included making false statements to the FBI, falsifying a statement and misprision of a felony.

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