8 more outrageous courtroom scenes

Between the prison cell to the courtroom, there's a lot of possibilities for weird things to happen

By C1 Staff

Aside from their cells or the rec yard, a courtroom can be the one place that an inmate spends a good majority of his time. Officers escort prisoners to and from courtrooms, and there’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong (or sometimes just weird) anywhere between the court room and the prison.

Here are eight more strange courtroom scenes, ranging from on the witness stand to in the hallways of the building (and no, not all of them took place in Florida).


Fla. woman jailed after flipping off judge

Penelope Soto didn’t have much to laugh about after Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat used her bad behavior to sentence her to 30 days in jail.


Calif. man eats own feces while on trial for bank robbery

If it was an attempt to convince a judge that his insanity plea wasn’t a ruse, it probably worked. While on the witness stand, Andrew Gilbert claimed that the Virgin Mary told him to eat his own feces, and he did just that, in front of witnesses.

Unsurprisingly, the judge called for a recess.


Inmate attempts to attack prosecutor during sentencing

A man being sentenced for destruction of jail property had his sentence lengthened after he decided to attack a deputy prosecutor inside a court room.


Courtroom school reunion between judge, suspect

Arthur Booth didn’t expect the judge who was reviewing his case to be a previous classmate, but Mindy Glazer had only kind words to describe him.


Sassy 80-year-old cracks up Fla. courtroom

Broward Judge John Hurley didn’t expect the inmate he sentenced to wearing a GPS ankle bracelet for violating an injunction to stay away from her ex-husband to be a stand-up comedian.

“Don’t go around him again,” he warned her.

“I haven’t bothered him for 31 years, why would I bother him now?”


Inmate’s courtroom outburst gains him more time

An inmate charged with battery of a pregnant woman lost his temper and started ranting in court, only to earn himself extra time.


Cuffed inmate slammed into courtroom wall prompts suit

A deputy shoving an inmate into a courtroom wall ended up creating a lawsuit asking the city of Denver for $5 million. The city tentatively approved a settlement of $3.25 million in response.


Fla. deputy drags mentally ill inmate through courthouse

A Florida deputy came under investigation after video surfaced of him dragging a mentally ill, distressed female inmate by her ankle shackles down a courthouse hallway.

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