Video: Inmate charged after corrections officer strikes him

Advocates want outside oversight to look into the discipline or lack thereof of officers at the facility, but union says such oversight is unnecessary

By C1 Staff

PHILADEPHILA — An inmate is facing charges of assaulting a corrections officer, even after video surfaced showing that the officer struck the inmate first.

City Paper reports that the incident took place Jan. 9 at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility between CO Tyrone Glover and inmate John Steckley.

In the video, Glover informs Steckley that his visitation time is up. Steckley at first argues, and a second officer appears, but Steckley is ultimately led away to the visiting room exit.

As Glover and Steckley meet in front of the exit door, Steckley continues to argue and spreads his arms in a gesture. Glover strikes Steckley in the face.

Steckley is now facing criminal charges for assaulting a corrections officer, though he only hit back after Glover struck him first.

“Mr. Steckley denies ever assaulting correctional officer Glover and that any reaction to being assaulted by Glover was done in self-defense,” said Steckley’s lawyer, Kevin Mincey. “Our investigation shows that the allegations made by correctional officer Glover have no merit and I have shared that with the District Attorney’s office.”

Glover has not faced any charges and the D.A.’s office has declined to comment.

At Steckley’s preliminary hearing in March, Glover testified that Steckley acted unruly when he was told to leave the visiting room, commenting that he would leave when he was ready. He also said that Steckley threatened him.

Glover also came under scrutiny for another inmate altercation in September, when he struck Marcellus Temple in the prison gym.

Once again Glover said that the inmate didn’t leave a room when told to.

Investigations into both incidents were conducted by the prison, but no information on disciplinary action or resolutions was released.

 Inmate advocates are calling for outside oversight into the incidents, but the president of the corrections officers’ union says such actions are unnecessary.

“When you say ‘oversight,’ we have sergeants, lieutenants and captains, and other supervisors in the jail,” said Lorenzo North, president of AFSCME Local 159. “The supervisors there do their job and there’s no need for outside oversight.”

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