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20 more signs you're a corrections officer

By C1 Staff

We previously discussed 42 signs that you’re a corrections officer, but there are always more to be had. Here’s another 20 signs you might be a corrections officer. Don’t see yours on here?  Be sure to add it in the comments.

- Positioning yourself at the front of a restaurant so you can see who comes in and out of the doors.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

- Freaking out when your keys aren’t on your hip to open the restroom at home.

- Reaching for a pen in your pocket, even when you’re in civilian clothing.

- When you’re more comfortable being called by your first name.

- When your second (or first!) language is sarcasm.

- When life becomes a constant scenario training: you’re constantly reviewing events in your mind before, during and after any interaction.

- When you reply “write a grievance” when arguing with your spouse.

- When you ring your door bell at your house and wait for someone to pop it for you, before realizing you have your keys in your hand.

- Getting ready to run at the call for assistance for a customer in Home Depot.

- Waiting for doors to slide open, then realizing they’re manual.

- Telling your teenage son “shakedown” before searching his room for contraband.

- Being asked to spell something, and having to use the phonetic alphabet: alpha, bravo, charlie…

- Hearing noise in the shower that causes you to drop your hand to your nonexistent radio.

- When you finish off a plastic bottle at home and slice it open with a knife before tossing it.

- Your kids aren’t grounded, they’re placed on “LOP” or “Shine status.”

- Taking your kids anywhere, whether it be school, soccer practice, or something else, is a “transport.”

- If you wash your hands before going to the toilet.

- When someone asks you what you do for a living and you respond with “working in a daycare center” or “sanitation engineer.”

- When you get out of your car to go to the grocery store and shake yourself down for personal contraband so you don’t violate facility rules.

- When you say 10-4 to the speaker at a fast-food drive through.

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