6 core competencies for correctional supervisors

The development of competent jail supervisors motivates staff, enhances operations and is good for the future of the agency

One of the greatest things to evolve in corrections is the attention finally being focused on developing supervisory and leadership skills among correctional facility personnel.

In-service trainings, e-learning, webinars and seminars all focus on developing the jail supervisor, from corporal all the way up to major, or to put it another way, “from the stripes to the brass.” If jail supervisors have competency, professionalism and a desire to better the department at their core, life will be better for everyone – including both staff and inmates.

In the July/August 2015 issue of American Jails, corrections expert Susan W. McCampbell, CJM, lists the 22 core competencies of jail leaders. I would like to share six of those core competencies that should be developed among all correctional facility supervisors:

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