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Correctional Officer
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office - Santa Barbara, California

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$31.94 hourly

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Salary / Benefits $66,666.79 - $80,454.30 Annually

TO APPLY or learn more about the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office, please visit our website at

We are accepting applications to fill vacancies in All Locations for the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office.

The list established will be used to fill current and future vacancies at All Locations (separate lists for different locations will not be established). Therefore, applicants must check "All Locations" on the application agency wide question and supplemental questionnaire. Candidates must be willing to accept an assignment at any location throughout Santa Barbara County.

THE POSITION: Under general direction, maintains custody and supervises the work and conduct of inmates in detention facilities; and performs related duties as required. This class is distinguished from Sheriff's Deputy in that incumbents have only limited peace officer power pursuant to Penal Code section 830.1 c, are not deputy coroners, not assigned to patrol or bailiff duties. Incumbents will be required to carry a firearm on certain assignments, and to regularly qualify with firearms pursuant to department policy.

BACKGROUND DISQUALIFIERS:•An admission of having committed any act amounting to a felony within five years in California, or in another state which would be classified as a felony in California •An adult felony conviction in California, or with a conviction for an offense in another state which would be classified as a felony in California •Currently on Probation or Parole •Adult felony and/or misdemeanor conviction(s) may be disqualifying depending on type, number, severity, and how recent •Conviction of/or sustained petitions for any sex crime •Recent use and/or possession of illegal drugs; Failure to reveal prior use will be disqualifying •Unfavorable work history •Poor credit history •History of committing domestic violence •Dishonesty or failure to reveal pertinent information Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) and California POST Selection Standards: Since POST standards adhere to both state and federal laws, the possession and/or sale of marijuana remains prohibited by federal law under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Therefore any candidate who uses / possesses and/or the sale of marijuana within the last year will result in disqualification.

1.Instructs and oversees the work of a group of inmates assigned to maintenance, operational, or other rehabilitative activities; 2.Supervises the conduct of inmates during the booking process, in housing and at meals, during recreation and on work assignments; supervises family and professional visits to inmates; 3.Inspects credentials and incoming and outgoing mail; 4.Inspects living areas of inmates to insure cleanliness, orderliness and compliance to jail regulations; 5.Exercises influence for the purpose of modifying anti-social behavior and attitudes of inmates; 6.Prevents escapes, injuries and the destruction of property; searches for contraband; may receive and release prisoners; 7.Submits reports and prepares correspondence; types reports and letters, and transports prisoners and guards prisoners at hospitals and other off-site locations as directed.

Additional Information


Education: Graduation from high school or passing of the GED test indicating high school graduation level from a U.S. Institution. 2.Age: 18 years or older. 3.Physical Fitness: Good physical condition with the ability to pass a comprehensive medical examination based on County of Santa Barbara medical standards, and the ability to pass a job-related physical agility examination. Ability to: understand and follow laws, policies, rules and regulations; supervise and deal with inmates; work effectively under stress and adapt to changes; learn the use and care of firearms; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; maintain jail safety and security; make decisions with a minimum of supervision; write clear and comprehensive reports; oversee the work of others; type with sufficient speed and accuracy to perform duties as assigned. Additional Requirements: •U.S. Citizenship or permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship. •Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's license at time of appointment. •Within the probationary period, incumbents must successfully complete training in a Correction Officer Academy and any other training deemed necessary by the Sheriff's Department. •Appointee must satisfactorily complete a probationary period. •Must meet minimum peace officer standards as specified in California Government Code Sections 1029 and 1031 including but not limited to the following: must have no prior felony convictions (unless fully pardoned), good moral character as determined by thorough background check; must submit fingerprints for purpose of a criminal record check and be found free from any physical, emotional or mental condition which might adversely affect the powers of a peace officer. Desirable: The ability to converse fluently in English and Spanish.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18 years or older
  • Education: Graduation from high school or passing of the GED test indicating high school graduation level from a U.S. Institution.
  • Experience: none

Please read the SELECTION PROCESS: Be sure to frequently check your email throughout this entire process, this is the only way we will be notifying applicants regarding their status and to provide all the important information throughout the recruitment process. To qualify for the test date noted below, applications must be received by 2/8/9.

SELECTION PROCESS: 1. Review Application and Supplemental Questionnaire to determine those candidates who meet the employment standards. 2. Review Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ): Upon completing the computerized assessment, candidates will be emailed a notice to complete a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). Failure to submit a PHQ by the deadline will result in disqualification from the selection process. Candidates, who successfully pass the PHQ, will be invited to the next step in the selection process. 3. Physical Agility Test (PAT): Upon passing the PHQ, applicants will be invited to attend the Physical Agility Test. Candidates will be notified by email with instructions on the process and how to schedule. Candidates who successfully pass the PAT will then be invited to the written exam which is administered the same day. The PAT exam date will be administered on Saturday, March 9, 2019. The PAT is an important part of the Custody Deputy exam and can be physically demanding. Even if you are physically fit, we strongly advise that you begin pre-conditioning exercises now in order to increase the probability of success on the day of the exam. For the actual exam, you must wear appropriate athletic footwear and clothing. You may want to bring rubber cleats for some parts, not all, of the PAT. You must pass all of the physical agility tests in order to qualify for further consideration. Physical Agility Test consists as follows: 1.1.0 mile run in under 11:00 minutes 2.99-yard obstacle course in 25 seconds or less 3.Maximum sit-ups in two (2) minutes 4.Maximum push-ups in no time limit 5.Maximum pull-ups in no time limit 4. Written Examination: Upon passing the PAT, candidates will immediately be scheduled for the PELLETB written examination which will be administered the same day as the PAT. Candidates are expected to be available all day for testing and there are no alternate dates available.The written exam will be administered on Saturday, March 9, 2019. The test we use is called the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB). POST only allows you to take the PELLETB once every 30-days. If you take the PELLETB exam with another agency 30--days prior to our administration, proof of your Written Exam results (original letter) will be requested prior to the written exam.

NOTE: WE NOW ACCEPT YOUR POST PELLET B SCORE FOR EXAMS ADMINISTERED WITHIN ONE YEAR OF OUR TEST DATE AND YOUR TOTAL-T SCORE IS 40 OR GREATER. You MUST provide proof of your CA POST PELLETB Written Exam results (original letter on agency's letterhead) and a copy (for us to keep) prior to attending PAT. Recruiter will invite candidates to submit their letter by a given deadline. Result letter must be within the last year from the date of application. The results must show a minimum T-score of 40.0 to be accepted. Upon acceptance, you will be waived from taking the written exam with our agency. Written Examination consists of multiple-choice questions in the areas of Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Reasoning Abilities. The study guide is available at Click on Recruitment and Selection, then on Information for Job Applicants, then on Application Preparation Guide for the POST Entry-Level Test Battery. Direct link Candidates must receive a percentage score of at least 70 on the written examination to be placed on an employment list. An adjustment may be made to raw scores based on factors listed in Civil Service Rule VI. Those candidates who are successful in the selection process will have their names placed on the employment list for a minimum of three months. At the time the employment list is established, all candidates will receive an email notice of their score on the exam(s), rank on the employment list, and exact duration of the employment list. The Human Resources Department will notify you by mail if your name is removed.

NOTE: Veteran's preference credit is applicable for this recruitment (5 points for veterans, 10 points for disabled veterans). To be eligible for this credit, you must be applying for this position within five years from your most recent date of: (1) honorable discharge from active military service; or, (2) discharge from a military or veterans' hospital where treatment and confinement were for a disability incurred during active military service; or, (3) completion of education or training funded by a Federal Educational Assistance Act. No time limit exists for veterans with 30% or more disability. To receive veteran's preference points, you must: (1) check the Veteran's Preference Points box on the employment application form, (2) submit a copy of your Form DD214 to the Human Resources Department on or before the test date, and (3) pass all phases of the examination process. The preference points will be added to your final test score. Note: You must self-certify on the application form that you are fluent in English and Spanish. The Sheriff's Office will test you on your fluency. If you do not demonstrate sufficient fluency, your name may be withheld from future bilingual certifications, in accordance with Civil Service Rule 7. Additional compensation for bilingual duties is payable as an allowance and not as part of basic salary, but shall be payable at the same time as a regular compensation. When a full-time employee is assigned by a department head to duties requiring regular and frequent use of bilingual language skills he/she shall receive an allowance of $57.69 per pay period, in accordance with the Deputy Sheriff's Association MOU. Recruiter will communicate with applicants by e-mail during each step in the recruitment process. Applicants are reminded to check spam filters continuously during the Recruitment and Selection Process steps listed above to ensure they do not miss required deadlines.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION PROCESS: The Sheriff's Office conducts a polygraph examination and in-depth background investigation. If you feel your past may hinder your future from working for the Sheriff's Office or you are not sure how to answer the Personal History Questionnaire, please contact them at (805) 681-4270, so they can assist you in determining if you can continue your application process. Appointee must successfully pass the following: Polygraph Examination will measure the accuracy of information given during the background investigation process. Background Investigation includes an interview and in-depth background investigation of police records, personal, military, and employment histories; inquiry of persons who know you and evaluate whether you respect the law and rights of others; are dependable and responsible; have demonstrated mature judgment in areas such as the use of drugs and intoxicants; are honest; and is a safe driver. The following shall commence upon accepting a conditional offer of employment: 1. Psychological Examination is given by a licensed psychologist. You will be evaluated on the psychological factors related to successful performance to determine if you are presently suited for the difficult and stressful job of a Custody Deputy. 2. Physical Examination is conducted by a licensed physician. The medical evaluation or examination shall commence once you accept a conditional offer of employment. You will be evaluated on the physical factors related to successful performance to determine if you are presently suited for the physically demanding job of a Custody Deputy. REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS: The County of Santa Barbara is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to applicants. Qualified individuals with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation during the application or selection process should contact the recruiter listed on the job posting. We do require verifications of needed accommodations from a professional source, such as a doctor or a learning institution. APPLICATION AND SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE DEADLINE: OPEN UNTIL FILLED; Online application and job bulletins can be obtained 24 hours a day at To Apply: click on the open recruitment and then click on "Apply Now" in the top right corner of the job posting. Paper applications can be obtained and are accepted ONLY at our Santa Barbara location: County of Santa Barbara Human Resources Department 1226 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday The County of Santa Barbara respects and values a diverse workforce and strongly promotes strategies and activities to recruit, develop and retain qualified persons of varied backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences and races. If you have any recruitment questions, please email Colleen Ryan at

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