Custody Officer

Correctional Officer
Blue Earth County Jail - Mankato, Minnesota

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Entry Level:
$19.88 hourly
Top Pay:
$25.99 hourly

Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Correction Sergeant, this essential position works in a 24/7 direction supervision facility and is responsible for maintaining a secure jail facility, ensuring the safety and welfare of the inmates, performing jail admissions and releases, and organizing and supervising inmate activity. This position is also responsible for assuring preparation and service of medications, meals, collecting financial transactions, providing public relations information, and maintaining administration and facility records.  DUTIES / RESPONSIBILITIES: ++ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:++

  1. Maintains a Secure Jail Facility. Controls medium-risk inmates in a direct supervision setting.  Conducts inmate well-being checks to monitor inmate activity and the facility. Confiscates and removes items that are dangerous or are contraband. Assures the physical integrity of the facility by performing lock inspections and fire, safety, and sanitation inspections. 
  2. Monitors Audio and Visual Equipment to Evaluate Actions within the Facility. Monitor over 100 cameras in and around the jail facilty. Monitor and control the entire facility electronically via touch screen ensuring the security of the facility is not compromised. Monitors and controls inmate video visiting.
  3. Ensures the Safety and Welfare of Inmates. Evaluates and ensures inmates mental and physical well being by having direct contact with inmates of all classifications.  Evaluates the potential or actual physical or verbal aggression towards others and staff. Determines appropriate disciplinary actions. Enforces inmate compliance with jail rules, hygiene, housekeeping, and sanitation standards.
  4. Assists in the Medical Care of Inmates. Uses medical protocols to assess inmate complaints or conditions.  Takes and records vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulses, temperatures, and respirations, in the absence of the facility nurse.  Verifies, identifies, and counts prescription medications for doctor approval in the absence of the facility nurse.  Calls the on-call doctor in the absence of the nurse.  Administers, records, and ensures digestion of prescription medications.  Counts all pills nightly to aide in the nurse's weekly medication records audit.
  5. Performs Jail Admissions and Releases. Performs pat, curtain, and strip searches. Gathers information for accurate inmate profile including fingerprinting and photographing. Evaluates medical, physical, and mental state to determine specific accommodations. Consults with arresting officers for charges and status. Determines appropriate classification assignments.   Supervises the collection of urine samples.  Completes a thorough and valid release after verification that all conditions have been met and returns all personal property.
  6. Organizes and Supervises Inmate Activity. Verifies identities of all program volunteers. Documents and escorts eligible inmates to designated program area. Monitors inmates programs to ensure safety of all volunteers. Removes any inmates who are not cooperating and documents removal. Returns inmates to proper housing units after program. Facilitates inmate recreation time and commissary access. Monitors and directs inmate workers.
  7. Assures Preparation and Service of Meals. Determines inmate count for food preparation. Dispenses one tray per inmate. Ensures meals fully meet special diets or religious requirements. Serves special meals at varying times for diabetics, pregnant women, and Hubers.
  8. Collects and Records Financial Transactions. Verifies and collects fines, fees, inmate debts, fingerprinting and postage fees, amount of bail. Maintains and records all deposits and withdrawals from inmate accounts. 
  9. Provides Public Relations and Services. Fingerprints upon request the general public, collects fees and distributes receipts for this service. Provides public with assistance, information, and explanations about inmates, the court system, and jail policies and procedures. Conducts pre-approved tours of the facility. Provides Notary services. Makes court appearances upon request.
  10. Performs and Maintains Administration and Facility Records. Interprets, verifies, and records various judicial orders. Updates daily forms and reports such as inmate roster and transport list, updates and corrects fingerprint records, and other miscellaneous records. Supplies reports that withstand administrative or legal challenges. Maintains daily records of all facility activities on post logs. Receives, sorts, and dispenses mail to inmates and screens outgoing mail. 
  11. Interacts Positively with Internal and External Customers. Communicates and interacts effectively and respectfully with employees, supervisors, individuals from other organizations, and customers. Interacts with other law enforcement agencies.
  12. Performs the Physical and Mental Demands of the Position. Performs duties as dictated by the needs of the operation. Takes action in the event of emergencies responding appropriately or as directed (e.g. use of force, partial or full evacuations, lockdowns, and other extreme measures to address critical incidents or emergency situations.) Be able to immediately respond and resolve verbal and physical altercations which may result in the use of handcuffs, shackles, pressure points, the restraint chair, and/or TASER.  Subdues or restrains inmates during altercations or defends self and others.  These actions could result in personal injury.
  13. Attends Work During Regularly Scheduled Hours. This essential position works the hours and/or shifts assigned and begin and end work on time.  Be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance including, but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines.
  14. Trains New Custody Officers. Aides in the training of new custody officers in accordance with the FTO manual, videos, and jail policies and procedures.


  1. Maintains Warrant Records. Receives warrant files from the records department and files. Verifies the information on warrants and collects for dispatchers and officers as needed. Completes warrant service reports. Arranges transportation for inmates on our warrants that are out of our county. Files detainee and places on hold if inmates have charges in other counties.
  2. Participates in Professional Staff Development. Participates in training and education opportunities to maintain and improve proficiency. Attends and participates in professional organizations. Associates with agents and departments from other counties and states to learn about and maintain professionalism.
  3. Provides Assigned Inmate Transports. Transports inmates to Court, medical appointments, and other appointments as necessary.
  4. Administers Drug Tests and Alcohol Tests as Necessary or Needed. Administers drug tests and alcohol tests to Blue Earth County inmates and other individuals as contracted through the Sheriff's Department.
  5. Performs Other Related Functions as Apparent or Assigned.
  6. Provides Security of Inmate(s) at Off-Site Facility. Maintain custody and control of inmates when confined to hospitals or other off-site facilities.

                                 QUALIFICATIONS:                                    ++**MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:**++
  7. High School Diploma


  • Experience in corrections, law enforcement, and/or probation field
  • Associates degree in Corrections, law enforcement, criminal justice, or related degree
  • Experience working in detox center, juvenile, or adult detention center
  • Experience working in a halfway house with mentally ill or developmentally disabled.


  • Must comply with organizational and departmental policies and regulations.
  • Must satisfactorily complete pre-employment physical, psychological evaluations and background check.
  • Must submit to fingerprinting through the FBI and MN BCA.
  • Shall not have been convicted of any felony.
  • All applicants shall submit to testing through the Blue Earth County Human Resources Office.
  • Must possess a valid MN driver's license with a reliable form of transportation
  • Certification in Defensive Tactics.
  • Certification in Adult CPR/First Aid/AED, and oxygen.
  • Certification in Taser.
  • Must comply with data practices policies and standards relative to not public data.  Any access to not public data should be strictly limited to accessing the data that are necessary to fulfill the employment responsibility. While data are being accessed, incumbent should take reasonable measures to ensure the not public data are not accessed by individuals without a work reason. Once the work reason to access the data is reasonably finished the not public data must be properly stored according to county policy and the Minnesota Statutes.
                                 HOURS OF WORK:                                     5:00  am - 5:00 pm or 5:00 pm - 5:00 am.  Involves a 12 hour shift in a 24/7  operation which, under normal conditions, results in a 40 hour work week  and includes working holidays and every other weekend. Overtime hours  are required from time to time based on personnel shortage or unforeseen  circumstances.

Two week schedule example: Week 1:  work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Week 2: work Wednesday, Thursday

Job Requirements

  • Age: 19
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: None


  • Experience in corrections, law enforcement, and/or probation field
  • Associates degree in Corrections, law enforcement, criminal justice, or related degree
  • Experience working in detox center, juvenile, or adult detention center
  • Experience working in a halfway house with mentally ill or developmentally disabled.

Contact Informaton

Patti Ziemke

Blue Earth County Jail
401 Carver Rd
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
phone: 1-507-304-4374

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