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Blue Earth County Jail - Mankato, Minnesota

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Entry Level Salary:
$31.13 hourly
Top Pay:
$43.96 hourly

Job Description

Under supervision of the Chief Deputy this position is responsible for the following duties: providing staff supervision, administrating policy administration, providing jail facility security, managing fiscal responsibilities, supervision of prisoner programs ensuring proper prisoner discipline, establishing professional contacts, and maintaining records and statistics.

Additional Information


  1. Provides Staff Supervision. Provides full supervision including the authority to effectively recommend hiring, firing, discipline, transfer, promotion, and assignment of duties to correctional staff:  Determines staff needs and reviews scheduling. Determines appropriate training objectives, curriculum, and methods of instruction. Monitors job performance, prepares formal evaluations, and effectively recommends all disciplinary actions. Develops ongoing facility programs. Assigns priority for searches, transports, equipment, housing, and facility maintenance. Prepares monthly schedule for special assignments designed to promote effective security and contraband control. Determines prisoner classifications and continually reviews status. Determines limitation of prisoner activity and movement. Inspects and evaluates the outcome of officer's daily activities including worker efficiency and proper utilization of resources Monitors the daily activities of the staff to determine problems with worker productivity, workforce effectiveness and contraband control.
  2. Oversees/Develops Policy and Adherence:   Develops, oversees and implements all jail operations and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable Minnesota Department of Corrections Jail Standards and Federal and State laws. Evaluates and updates emergency procedures for fire evacuation, hostage situations, infectious disease control, and use of force. Determines modifications and ensures implementation of policy related to fire safety, prisoner medical care, and dietary needs to ensure jail facility is in full compliance when inspected by Fire Marshall, physicians, public health nurses, and dietitians. Modifies procedures to comply with legislative changes and Federal/State mandates to enable the facility to meet the standards.
  3. Provides Jail Facility Security. Ensures the organization is operating a secure facility by being fully accountable for prisoner control and contraband prevention. Develops facility security techniques and monitors implementation and effectiveness. Monitors inspection of emergency equipment including fire equipment, CPR resuscitator equipment, emergency response equipment, first aid supplies, and audiovisual equipment. Establishes procedures and designates conditions for security cell searches, strip searches, pat searches, and prisoner movement. Determines equipment needs, inventory, and security for maintenance workers working within the facility.
  4. Manages Fiscal Responsibilities. Plans and develops annual facility budget to ensure the most effective expenditure of County funds. Implements final budget approved by Blue Earth County Board. Monitors and manages staff use of equipment and supplies to prevent the abuse or misuse of resources. Determines facility needs and researches available grants and funding to provide resources to meet those needs. Documents the need for equipment and actively seeks donations of available equipment and community resources. Monitors staff overtime and takes appropriate action to reduce overtime costs. Determines prisoner caused damages within the Blue Earth County facility. Researches methods to reduce County liability for damages caused by prisoners.
  5. Supervision of Prisoner Programs. Develops, oversees, implements, and maintains prisoner programs, including but not limited to: Physical Education, Visitation, Library Services, Educational Programs, Treatment Programs, Work Release Programs, and other Recreational Programs. Development of a citizen and volunteer involvement plan regarding these programs.
  6. Ensures Proper Prisoner Discipline. Oversees, maintains, and enforces the prisoner disciplinary process to ensure all prisoners receive a fair impartial due process for their alleged misconduct. Investigates alleged misconduct of rules and/or crimes to implement filing of criminal charges. Prepares and maintains documentation necessary to comply with state mandates. Resolves confrontations/conflicts between staff and prisoners and ensures fair treatment and sensitivity to both party's needs. 
  7. Maintains records and statistics. Determines process used to meet statutory requirements for State mandated documentation. Documents all special or unusual Jail incidents and forwards them to the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Maintains the following records/information: the disciplinary and evaluation process for prisoners; individual staff discipline/evaluation and training records; budgetary accounting records; Minnesota detention and history information; data for biweekly, monthly, and annual agency statistical reports (mandated and discretionary); and cost justification statistics to support changes in facility security or training.
  8. Interacts Positively with Internal and External Customers. Communicates and interacts effectively and respectfully with employees, supervisors, individuals from other organizations, and customers.
  9. Ability to perform the Physical and Mental Demands of the Position.
  10. Attends Work During Regularly Scheduled Hours.


  1. Maintains Professional Contacts. Establishes and maintains professional relationships with appropriate state and local agencies to ensure compliance with relevant legislative changes. State and local agency affiliations include: Minnesota Sheriff's Association (re: legislative changes and latest training practices), Minnesota Department of Corrections (re: prisoner complaint process, jail inspection process and current training processes), County nurses and Minnesota Department of Health staff (re: infectious disease control), and 5th Judicial District staff, Jail Administrators, Judges, and Probation Officers.
  2. Participates in Professional Staff Development. Participates in training and education opportunities to maintain and improve proficiency. Attends and participates in professional organizations. Associates with agents and departments from other counties and states to learn about and maintain professionalism.
  3. Performs Other Related Functions as Apparent or Assigned.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 25
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years' experience in a jail/correctional facility as a correctional officer or 5 years of law enforcement experience


  • 4 years post-secondary education
  • Law enforcement supervisory experience
  • A minimum of 7 years' experience as an employee of a Sheriff's Office
  • Direct working experience with prisoners and arrestees

Contact Informaton

Patti Ziemke

Blue Earth County Jail
401 Carver Rd
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
phone: 507-304-4374

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