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Correctional Officer/Deputy2- Direct Supervison

Correctional Officer
Orleans Parish Sheriff Office - New Orleans, Louisiana

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$26,000.00 annual
Academy Graduate:
$33,000.00 annual

Job Description

Posted On08/03/2017
Deputy 2 - Direct Supervision
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Deputy 2 (Direct Supervision) is a pod officer responsible for supervising inmates, making decisions, solving problems and managing behavior in the unit within the parameters of  OPSO policies and procedures Deputy 2's are expected to set clear expectations with inmates, use positive reinforcement techniques, hold inmates accountable for their behavior, treat inmates with respect and consideration, be just and fair, manage pods by walking and talking, identify and address inmate concerns, be a source of information, encourage inmates to take responsibility for themselves, plan and supervise unit activities, develop and measure personal goals for the unit, apply policies and procedures appropriately to achieve unit objectives and effectively communicate among officers on shift, during shift change, with ranking supervisors and other jail staff.
• Managing the pod to ensure a safe and humane environment: Deputy 2 use observation and communication to maximize compliant inmate behavior and minimize the occurrence of disruptive inmate behavior in the pod. Deputy 2s communicate rules and expectations to inmates clearly, and respond immediately to all incidents of inmate misbehavior and emergencies.
• Handling inmate discipline: Deputy 2s respond fairly and effectively when disciplining inmates for disruptive behavior or rule violations. 
• Responding to inmate requests: Deputy 2s make every effort to answer inmates and search for the answers even if they are not available in the pod. Deputy 2s avoid inmate manipulation. 
• Building positive rapport and personal credibility with inmates: Deputy 2s create an environment of mutual respect by demonstrating consistency and a courteous manner and by following through on commitments made to inmates (e.g.: finding answers to questions an inmate has asked).. 
• Supervising in a clear, well-organized, and attention-getting manner: Deputy 2s effectively organize, supervise, and encourage inmates by ensuring inmates are provided with opportunities for informal activities, speaking with inmates throughout the day, and observing the pod while making rounds and spending time away from the desk. 
• Resolving inmate problems and conflicts:  Deputy 2s provide problem-solving guidance for inmates, recognize the steps in resolving inmate conflicts, and manage the behavior of inmates involved in confrontational situations. 
• Maintaining effective administration and staff relations: Deputy 2s know facility rules, policies and procedures and apply them consistently, coordinate activities with coworkers, support the authority of staff members, and communicate with supervisors and other administrators.
• Communicates with inmates, giving information and directions, mediating disputes, and advising  inmates of rights and processes
• Listens to inmates' complaints; and resolves inmates' conflicts and problems.
Observes and reports on inmate behavior, enforces rules and regulations in maintaining custody of inmates.
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Additional Information

Thank you for your interest in employment with our agency. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for Correctional Officers and Civilian Positions to aid in our mission of the care, custody, and control of the men and women entrusted to our care. Qualified candidates are:

  • 20 years of age or older
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Have an acceptable criminal history
  • Pass a battery of interviews and examinations
  • Possess an eagerness to serve their community

Criminal behavior that will disqualify applicants includes:

  • Felony convictions
  • Misdemeanor convictions within the past 2 years
  • A pattern of repeat misdemeanor and/or felony criminal offenses
  • Crimes of violence
  • Pending criminal court case(s)
  • Active warrant(s)
  • Marijuana use within the past 6 months
  • Any use of other illegal drugs within the past 10 years
  • Convicted of, pled guilty or nolo contendere to any misdemeanor involving crimes against persons, drugs, sexual offenses, or violation of civil rights of any person under the laws of the Constitution, United States Legislature, or law of any state or territory
  • Dishonorably discharged from any military service and/or arrested for any violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that would constitute a felony or disqualifying misdemeanor in the State of Louisiana.
  • An unacceptable driving record within 2 years of application, as evidenced by, three or more negligent collisions; suspension for moving violations; revocation, or operating after suspension/revocation of driving licenses; DWI or DUI convictions.

Failure to fully disclose arrest and conviction history may result in immediate disqualification from the application process

Job Requirements

  • Age: 20b years Old
  • Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Experience: Less Than One Year

Contact Informaton

Noel Rivers

Orleans Parish Sheriff Office
2800 Perdido Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
phone: (504) 249-7130

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