Corrections Officer (entry level)

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King County Dept of Adult and Juvinile Detention
Position Title: Corrections Officer (entry level)
Position Type: Correctional officer
Job Description:
The Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention (DAJD) contributes to the public safety of the citizens of King County and Washington Sate by operating safe, secure, and humane detention facilities and community corrections programs, in an innovative and cost-effective manner. DAJD is a professional and nationally recognized organization that supports safe, vibrant, and healthy communities in partnership with other criminal justice and human service agencies. DAJD is one of the largest criminal justice employers on the West Coast. We offer challenging and rewarding careers in the field of criminal justice and corrections. We seek motivated individuals who want to work with well-trained professional colleagues in a challenging career field. DAJD has five divisions: including two Adult Detention Divisions, Juvenile Detention Division, Community Corrections Division, and Administration Division. King County Corrections Officers perform a wide variety of duties, including processing inmates in/out of the facilities, maintaining security, managing inmate activities, searching for contraband, screening visitors, and transporting inmates to court proceedings. Additional opportunities include honor guard, training officer, transport, criminal investigations, court detail and more. DAJD values diversity and Equal Employment Opportunities. DAJD does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, ancestry, disability, or veteran status. For complete job description, please go to: Work Availability Able to work all shifts, including evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime. Requirements for Lateral Transfer Candidates: Must be a current Corrections Officer who has passed an accredited State Corrections Academy; must have successfully completed current agency's probationary period as a Corrections Officer; and must have no break in service. Candidates for Lateral Transfer must undergo the same application, testing and screening process as entry level candidates. The benefit of Lateral Transfer is recognized post-hire. Qualified lateral candidates may be under consideration for placement at a higher step within the Corrections Officer salary range that is closer to current salary than Step One (salaries must remain within the stated Corrections Officer salary range); and attendance at some or all of the Corrections Academy may be waived. Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers: An applicant’s criminal record, including all arrests, prosecutions, deferred prosecutions, “Alford” pleas, and non-conviction information will be thoroughly assessed and may be grounds for disqualification. The following will be disqualifying: Any adult felony conviction in the past the (10) years. Any adult conviction for domestic violence (or lesser charge due to a plea agreement) in the past three (3) years. Any adult conviction for DUI (or lesser charge due to a plea agreement) in the past three (3) years. Drug Use Disqualifiers: Used Marijuana in the past three (3) years (this includes using only once or experimenting, using for medical purposes, or using in other countries). Bought, sold, offered to sell, possessed or transported marijuana in the past five (5) years. Used, bought, sold, offered to sell, possessed or transported any of the following illegal drugs in the past seven (7) years (in our outside of the U.S.): cocaine opiates hallucinogenic drugs (including PCP, mushrooms, or LSD methamphetamine, meth, amphetamines heroin barbiturates ecstasy opium steroids oxycontin. Additional Disqualifiers: The following disqualifiers are reviewed on case by case basis: Employment Disqualifiers: An applicant’s employment history, including any termination or leaving an employer in lieu of termination, will be thoroughly assessed and may be grounds for disqualification. Discipline or termination for sexual, racial or other harassment or discrimination or leaving employment prior to the outcome of an investigation related to alleged harassment or discrimination will be thoroughly assessed and may be grounds for disqualification. An applicant’s employment history and conduct will be thoroughly assessed including any illegal drug use while employed by a criminal justice agency, any terminations or discipline while employed by a criminal justice agency, and any intimate contact with inmate(s), former inmate(s), or detained individuals while employed by a criminal justice agency. Dress Code: King County Jail dress code prohibits visible tattoos with the exception of tattoos on the arms or hands visible when wearing short sleeve shirts. Tattoos that are visible on the neck and head are prohibited. Tattoos that are obscene, gang related or racially insensitive shall not be allowed. Also, due to safety and security reasons, King County Jail has strict standards on facial hair and length of hair. Uniformed staff shall be clean-shaven, except that they may have mustaches, which shall not extend below the lip line or one-half (1/2’’) from the side of the mouth. No other facial hair is permitted. Beards are not allowed, except for medical or religious reasons as outlined by Human Resources. Previous Applicants: If you have failed the department's background investigation process within the past two years, your application will not be considered at this time.

Additional Information:
Benefit Information: Excellent benefits including medical, dental, vision, long term disability, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, Washington State Retirement plan, other retirement options, health club discounts, gym in County building, vacation, sick leave, free bus pass, 10 holidays plus 2 floating holidays per year, twelve paid vacation days per year, paid break and meal periods. Employees have the opportunity to earn premiums such as Firearms premium, Field Training Officer premium, language translation premium, longevity premium, etc. Corrections Officers are provided annual voucher for uniforms and $450.00 for purpose of uniform maintenance. There is also opportunity for education reimbursement. DAJD is qualified as a training organization under the GI Bill Benefits. Qualified Veterans may receive GI Bill benefits during their one year probationary period while receiving pay. To test and qualify for this position, go to: and select "Corrections," then click onto the department, read the "department information," and if qualified, select "I Qualify" at the bottom of their page. Select the date and time for both the written and P.A.T. (both given back-to-back) on our calendar and fill out your application. Be at testing approx. 25-30 minutes prior to test time which starts at 8:45 a.m or 1:45 p.m. on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. NO RESUMES REQUIRED! If you have questions, please call 425-423-9922. There is a Google Map to our location on our website. Read all testing requirements carefully. Note: Candidates can also test at our Phoenix, AZ test facility for this position.

Job Requirements:
  • Age 21
  • Education High School Grad/GED
  • Additional Requirement :
    Must be lawfully able to work in the U.S., have a valid Washington State Driver’s License by time of employment. Ability to Read and Speak the English Language, prior experience Entry level Corrections Officers are not required to have prior corrections or criminal law enforcement experience. However, the most competitive candidates will possess prior corrections or law enforcement experience.

Salary Information
Entry Level Salary: $24.32 – $32.45 per hour  

Contact Information

Jim  Patten
King County Dept of Adult and Juvinile Detention
500 5th Ave.
Seattle, Washington 98104
ph: (206)205-3017

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