Ga. jail to document mentally ill inmates for better treatment

Effort to improve mental health care without compromising security

By C1 Staff

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Muscogee County Jail will begin a project of documenting the treatment of inmates who suffer from mental health issues.

The action istaken in partnership with the Justice Department in an effort to improve mental health care without compromising security, reports WRBL.

A supplemental agreement between the Justice Department and the jail restricts the use of solitary confinement on mentally ill inmates to 14 days.

The jail will also institute programs that provide prisoners with serious mental illness a total of at least 24 hours of both structured and unstructured time outside of their cells weekly. They will also focus on ensuring that various methods are taken before resorting to the use of forceful actions, disciplinary measures solitary confinement, and making other referrals for patients.

 The Justice Department says the goal of the partnership is to minimize violence while focusing on the quality of mental health care.

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