Lawsuit: Woman raped, denied epilepsy meds in Ohio jail

The inmate attempted to write “God, please help me” on the jail walls in her own blood

By C1 Staff

CINCINNATI —  A lawsuit filed against the Warren County Jail claims a woman jailed at the facility was raped and denied medication that left her debilitated for 11 days. 

According to the Washington Post, the inmate, 38, alleges at least two COs raped and assaulted her, once with so much force, they “shattered” her shoulder bones.

The lawsuit alleges jail nurses refused to give the woman her prescribed epilepsy medication, causing her to have seizures and withdrawal symptoms. 

The lawsuit also alleges the inmate was “left naked, covered in her blood and feces.”

The inmate was held in 2013 after she turned herself in on a warrant for deception to obtain drugs. 

After four days, the inmate was too ill to move. When a doctor ordered she be given medications, nurses did not follow orders, according to the suit.

Days later, she was found naked in the shower, unresponsive, eyes rolled back in her head, the suit states. 

After a week in the jail, the woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Two corrections officers, along with seven nurses, are named in the lawsuit. 

The sheriff’s office said in a statement that they could not comment due to the pending legal matters.

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