Siblings try smuggling 'spice' into Ind. correctional facility

Police alleged a woman was planning to smuggle "spice" to her inmate brother through an unknown staff member

Anna Ortiz
The Times, Munster, Ind.

WESTVILLE, Ind. — An alleged drug smuggling attempt between a sister and brother at Westville Correctional Facility was thwarted by authorities, police said.

Crystal L. Jenkins, 28, was charged with conspiracy to commit trafficking with an inmate and dealing in a synthetic drug, according to court records.

Police alleged that Crystal Jenkins was planning to smuggle synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, to inmates through an unknown Westville Correctional facility staff member.

Police learned of the alleged drug deal from call records between Crystal Jenkins and two inmates — her brother, Charles Jenkins, and Bradley Coleman.

On March 6, a recorded call between Crystal Jenkins and Bradley Coleman, showed the two arranging an exchange involving $1,500 and “the stuff,” police said.

On March 7, Crystal Jenkins allegedly told her incarcerated brother that she had “everything and is waiting to deliver to another person,” according to court documents.

She described the substance she picked up as “three bundles the size of Snickers bars,” and Charles Jenkins asked her to smuggle the contents in an unconventional manner that would evade any body pat-downs at the correctional facility, to which Crystal Jenkins refused.

On March 8, police executed search warrant at Crystal Jenkins' home and allegedly found a 4.07 oz. bag of synthetic marijuana in a bathroom heat duct and a large amount of cash in her possession, according to court documents.

Crystal Jenkins and Coleman did not tell authorities the identity of the Westville Correctional staff member during questioning, court documents show.

She was arrested and transported to Lake County Jail without bail.


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