Contraband Command Center

Contraband Command Center

This resource center of illegal inmate contraband has come directly from CorrectionsOne members, readers and expert contributors. Click on one of the six categories below to see what is potentially hiding in your prison. And as always, if you have a contraband photo or video you would like to add to our database, please email us at


Contraband weapons can be made out of virtually anything within a facility. Check out some of the shanks, comb knives, fake paper guns, and more our members have found in their facility. Camouflaged contraband blades


Some inmates will do anything it takes to sneak in drug contraband into a facility. Find out some desperate measures some offenders took to attempt to hide their habit from officers. Killer candy bars and more

Cell Phones

Cell phones are so small they can be hidden in virtually anything. From slippers to a Pringles can, check out these unlikely contraband items. Even in bars of soap


Something as innocent as a Top Ramen package or feminine hygiene product can be used to smuggle in contraband. Protect inmates and staff by thoroughly examining all outside items. Some offender tricks


Sometimes running shoes, a loaf of bread, magic markers etc. aren't what they appear to be when you take a closer look. View the photos

Contraband Articles

Recent news can be helpful in revealing the latest methods inmates are using to sneak forbidden items in your facility. Contraband in the news

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