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  Gang Codes: The long and short of it - 09/30/2014 Secure - Login Required
  Reality Training: Inmate's attempted escape by ceiling - 09/30/2014
  How corrections officers can feel safe at home - 09/30/2014Corrections Article Comments6
  Crackpot Jailin' Comic: September 28, 2014 - 09/28/2014Corrections Article Comments6
  Contraband: Secret compartment in picture frame - 09/23/2014 Secure - Login Required
  'Prison Baby' advocates for mothers in prison - 09/23/2014Corrections Article Comments1
  Why you should think again before you post that comment - 09/23/2014Corrections Article Comments3
  Three Ways Corrections Prepares you for a Career in Law Enforcement - 09/22/2014
  Crackpot Jailin' Comic: September 21, 2014 - 09/21/2014
  How corrections officers can recognize PTSD - 09/16/2014Corrections Article Comments9
  Trusting inmates has harsh consequences - 09/16/2014Corrections Article Comments2
  Crackpot Jailin' Comic: September 14, 2014 - 09/14/2014
  Did you Know that PREA Compliance Now Comes with an Easy Button? - 09/10/2014
  How corrections officers can balance home life and work - 09/09/2014Corrections Article Comments2
  Crackpot Jailin' Comic: September 7, 2014 - 09/07/2014
  How corrections officers can deal with stress on the job - 09/02/2014Corrections Article Comments3
  7 steps of good report writing, part 2 - 09/02/2014Corrections Article Comments1
  7 steps of good report writing, part 1 - 09/02/2014
  Crackpot Jailin' Comic: August 31, 2014 - 08/31/2014
  Why racial segregation in prisons isn't about race - 08/26/2014Corrections Article Comments5
  Crackpot Jailin' Comic: August 24, 2014 - 08/24/2014Corrections Article Comments5
  Correctional leaders: Should you use a contractor? - 08/21/2014
  Is Decriminalizing Disorderly Behavior Good for Society? - 08/20/2014Corrections Article Comments3
  How being "too nice" can lead to contraband issues - 08/19/2014Corrections Article Comments5
  What to do if you get grabbed through a food port - 08/19/2014Corrections Article Comments11
  Why you should keep your personal life to yourself - 08/19/2014
  4 tips for handling mentally ill inmates - 08/12/2014Corrections Article Comments4
  Human Trafficking Thrives Because Officers Donít Know What It Is - 08/06/2014Corrections Article Comments2
  How do we rehabilitate Corrections? - 08/05/2014Corrections Article Comments39
  Reality training: How can this inmate's head dive affect you? - 08/05/2014Corrections Article Comments7
  Case studies: When strip searches go wrong - 07/29/2014
  Building a framework: How to write a solid 'strip search' policy - 07/29/2014Corrections Article Comments1
  Rehabilitation: A Shift in How the Criminal Justice System Addresses Drug Offenders - 07/22/2014
  How to stop inmates from using penny locks - 07/22/2014Corrections Article Comments3
  Reality Training: Female CO assaulted by mob - 07/15/2014
  Whatís the difference between direct and indirect supervision? - 07/15/2014
  Contraband: Synthetic drugs on notepad paper - 07/15/2014 Secure - Login RequiredCorrections Article Comments2
  Know the Language of Human Trafficking: A Glossary of Sex Trafficking Terms - 07/08/2014
  How to write a report like a corrections officer - 07/08/2014Corrections Article Comments9
  How to use speech for your dual-authentication login - 07/03/2014
  Did you check the...? Common contraband hiding places - 07/01/2014Corrections Article Comments7
  Stay on your toes by staying informed - 07/01/2014
  Get the full picture with 360 degree hand-held camera - 06/27/2014
  How to be successful in dealing with inmates - 06/24/2014
  Absconders represent the dark side of probation - 06/19/2014
  How Pimps Are Recruiting Vulnerable Female Prisoners - 06/19/2014Corrections Article Comments1
  Reality Training: What's a good distance to keep from an inmate? - 06/17/2014Corrections Article Comments1
  Tips for keeping your CO family safe in public - 06/17/2014Corrections Article Comments23
  8 tips for working the graveyard shift - 06/10/2014Corrections Article Comments7
  5 alternatives to traditional restraint tools - 06/09/2014
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