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  What to do until medical arrives: Difficulty breathing -
  Tier Talk: How transformational leadership can be applied to corrections -
  Is it OK to write an inmate a charge for how they feel? - Corrections Article Comments9
  Combating inmate radicalization in corrections -
  Corrections officers should never take short cuts -
  Tier Talk: The importance of count, how contraband is smuggled in -
  An argument in favor of classification reform -
  Sentencing reform in California: Another “let them out early” proposal? -
  Tier Talk: Rebuttal for 'Making a Murderer' - Corrections Article Comments1
  How COs can overcome negativity in 8 steps -
  4 principles COs can use to overcome negativity and negative thoughts -
  Balancing the many issues involving use of force in corrections -
  Tier Talk: Before 'Making a Murderer' there was an 'Innocent Killer' -
  Understaffing: Should money be saved at the expense of lives sacrificed? - Corrections Article Comments2
  5 reasons removing roll call (shift briefing) is not worth the risk - Corrections Article Comments1
  Keep an eye out for new, strange drugs people are abusing -
  An argument in favor of good-time reform -
  What department within your agency can be considered its backbone? - Corrections Article Comments1
  Tier Talk: How COs can live a stress-free life -
  What to do until medical arrives: Blunt trauma -
  An ethical dilemma with an offender attempting self-harm - Corrections Article Comments5
  Tier Talk: Why COs should be concerned about suicide watch by inmates - Corrections Article Comments1
  Is an inmate’s life worth breaking policy? - Corrections Article Comments13
  Tier Talk: The best ways for COs to alleviate stress -
  Due process, fairness, justice, and the Peace Officer Bill of Rights -
  Tier Talk: The value of training, upgrading your skills -
  2015 in Review: How the Sweat/Matt escape shaped the national conversation about corrections -
  2015 in Review: 3 major issues corrections professionals faced this year -
  Tier Talk: Understaffing and officer-to-inmate ratio -
  The challenges of incarcerating mentally ill inmates - Corrections Article Comments1
  2015 in Review: What we learned from California’s Prop 47 -
  Tier Talk: What would you do? Strangest scenarios of 2015 -
  Is it safety and security or safety versus security? - Corrections Article Comments6
  Why failing can help you achieve a leadership post one day -
  Leadership in the face of scrutiny: 5 strategies for offsetting negativity - Corrections Article Comments1
  2015 in Review: How corrections was in the media spotlight this year - Corrections Article Comments7
  5 common non-lethal tools for the correctional officer -
  Tier Talk: What defines a good leader? -
  5 keys to acing the police assessment center examination -
  Is it ever okay for a correctional officer to shake an inmate’s hand? - Corrections Article Comments18
  3 ideological tendencies related to victimology - Corrections Article Comments3
  Tier Talk: Training that all CO recruits need to receive -
  How would you organize a training agenda? - Corrections Article Comments5
  Wrap up: How much do you trust an inmate who helps you? - Corrections Article Comments1
  How much do you trust an inmate who helps you? - Corrections Article Comments21
  Tier Talk Podcast: Why corrections should be law enforcement -
  It's 'correctional officer,' not 'prison guard' - Corrections Article Comments4
  Book Excerpt: Correctional Manipulation -
  The Question: What are some things about prison people could never guess? - Corrections Article Comments7
  Book Excerpt: The Isolation Debate - Corrections Article Comments1
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