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The CorrectionsOne Tactical Entry product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Tactical Entry products. Tactical Entry products such as equipment and shields are designed to facilitate tactical procedures and special operations.

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Video: Cell Extraction Techniques
By applying a two-shield system, the British cell extraction method allows officers to minimize use of force and reduce potential injuries on both sides of the bars. Watch a video demonstration from the 2009 Mock Prison Riot, and read the details of the technique.
  • Video: Wis. officer tosses non-lethal grenade into cellCorrections Article Comments2
    By Ryan J. Foley Associated Press MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin prison officials released a video that shows ...
  • Keep 'em guessing: British cell extraction techniques Secure - Login RequiredCorrections Article Comments2
    Jeff Richards (whose name has been changed for personal security reasons) wanted participants to take one message from his workshop on British technique for cell entry and extraction. “This is just a way, it is not the way,” ...
  • K9 for use in CERT and SORTCorrections Article Comments1
    No matter how tough we think we are, psychologically healthy humans have an innate fear of being bitten or attacked by an animal — in many cases a dog. It doesn't matter if it's a poodle or pit bull; any dog bite can cause ...

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