Corrections Outerwear

Corrections Outerwear

The CorrectionsOne Outerwear product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching correctional Outerwear. It covers vests, jackets, rain jackets, and other protective gear.

  • 12 products you might not know were made by inmatesCorrections Article Comments2
    By C1 Staff Inmates are a source of labor that’s both useful and highly contentious, as many feels it takes paying jobs away from law-abiding citizens. That being said, inmates are still being put to the grind, usually ...
  • What to consider when purchasing outerwear
    Any outerwear evaluation is divided across three dimensions: material, construction and fit. All three of these are major drivers of the jacket's performance and value. Effective outerwear is a system, not a piece of clothing. ...
  • Establishing gear protocol
    By Dave Young With so many product options to choose from these days, it's easy to make the wrong purchase. How do you narrow it down to the right, quality stuff? First, a few facts about gear... A lot people think one manufacturer ...

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